Key Dates

1975, Miss Nude Edmonton. Appearance of contestants
in the nude on the program. Hosted by Larry Branter.

1985, Religion At A Glance, Toronto religion radio talks syndicated on private radio stations across Canada including CFRB AM, Toronto. Replaced series Godshow.

1984, United Press Canada, part-time editor, religion column

1985, John Milton Society for the Blind, video documentary hosted free of charge by old friend Lloyd Robertson

1964, Finland, February, to gather stories for CBC radio series Travellers Check. Travelled to copper mine in north and visited reindeer herders frozen north. Brought copper bowl from mine and silver drinking cup from Inuit store.

1971, Times cure for common cold letter to editor, September.  London, England.

1962  End of Algerian War, for Radio Press International, based in London. RPI owned by WMCA radio in NYCl. Reporting from Algiers day FLN rebels took over.  Brought back home-made Algerian flag purchased in the. Casbah. 
My boss was Noel Bernard , who later was said to have been  assassinated by the Romanian government because of his anti-communist broadcasts for Radio Free Europe.