A Multi-Media Memoir


By Peter Reynolds

baby peter[

Me, then and now.

Noel Bernard
Zion Hill
Barclay Street
Savoy Hotel
Shah of Iran
Lost Letters
Jimmy Carter Oudelande
A.J.P. Taylor
Potruff Family
Star Trek

The Woods
 Disability Network
   Algonquin Park
Pete (Bawtinheimer)
Winnipeg (CBC)

Phil Pendry
Radio Days
Hunt Cottage
Cottage (Haliburton)
Key Dates
Aunts & Uncles
Travellers Check

The life of the dead is set in the memory of the living. 
Marcus Tullius Cicero

"God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December".
J.M. Barrie ( author Peter Pan)

The above is a listing of stories about places I've been to, people I have known, met and seen  over the past eighty or so years. I am constantly adding to the list. Click on titles.

Most of the stories are inspired by photographs that I have taken or acquired over 60 years,
along with audio and video footage gathered in my years of professional broadcasting ( i.e. CBC, CTV, BBC). 

The stories tell of my encounters with people such, as Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, John Diefenbaker, Otto Frank,The Shah and Empress of  Iran, Prince Charles, Liberace,  Otto Frank,  Leonard Nimoy,  and members of the Rolling Stones.

Missing from my photo collection is my first "celebrity", photograph, a black and white shot of convicted murderer Evelyn Dick in 1947 descending the courthouse steps in Hamilton, Ontario with her lawyer, the famous J.J. Robinette.   

I remember jumping a police line to get the photo with my Kodak bellows camera.  I lost the pictures years later. (I could be in the crowd shown in these photographs taken outside the now demolished courthouse.)

 I was 15 or 16, living in a second floor duplex on Dundurn St. South with my mother Lorine and her second husband Art Bedwell.  That's when I attended Lord Kitchener Public School and Ryerson Senior Public School  ( Since demolished and  replaced with new building) before moving on to Westdale highschool.

The stories will have hyperlinks to documents with additional information such as Youtube videos (.i.e Star Trek and Deaf issues).  This a work in progress with stories added as they are remembered and documented.  Comments, corrections welcome. Also welcome photos related to topics discussed.

Email: donaldpeterreynolds.gmail.com

Peter Reynolds, Toronto. JUNE 2016