Hunt Cottage (London)

washing minivan

Here I am washing my Austin Mini-van in the Vale of Health in London, England, sometime in the 1960. Liset and I lived in Hunit Cottage, a 17th century era house on the opposite side of the road from where I am washing the car. The Vale of Health is on Hampstead Heath and has been  the home of many well-known Brits including writers D.H. Lawrence and Compton McKenzie and actor Alan Bates. 

reynolds wedding
Liset and I were married while living at Hunt Cottage. 
Elizabeth Donaldson Coulourus
  and Liset's sister Yoka Eikenhout, are on the left, Ray deBoer is on the right. We are outside the Hampstead marriage registry  office

Hunt Cottage got that name because the 17th century essayist Leigh Hunt was thought to have lived here which would have meant visits by Hunt's friends such as poets Shelley, Keats and Bryon ( Keats' house is a short distance away. But there apparently there is no solid evidence that Hunt lived there, and its present owner Elizabeth Donaldson-Coulouris renamed it "Rose Cottage".

Hunt Cottage is the two-story building on the extreme left of picture. Two of the  upper-floor rooms facing the street were  occupied by Ray deBoer. Liset and I
rented a tiny room in the middle of the house on the second floor. That's
my Mini-van in front.

After we left Hunt Cottage Elizabeth met and married her neighbour George Colouris.  Colouris appeared in dozens of Hollywood movies, most notably in Orsen Well's "Citizen Kane". He had been a member of Well's Mercury Theatre.

kathy washing

That's me with Kathy ( can't remember her last name) opposite Hunt Cottage,  The L on Kathy's car means she has her learner\s license.  Kathy had  Elizabeth old room after Elizabeth moved to an apartment on Doughty Street (near Charles Dickens' home).

liset in
                            hunt cottage

Liset Claus in Ray de Boer's old rooms in Hunt Cottage. Note the UHER tape recorder  on
the table. It was the workhorse tape recorder in those days.  We drove to Munich to buy our's.

One sound I remember from our Hunt Cottage days is writer John Lucarotti pounding out scripts for "Doctor Who" and "The Avengers"on his Olympic portable typewriter.  John was a friend of Ray de Boer's who occasionally stayed in Ray's rooms.  He also took over a bedsitting room that Liset and I had rented for a short time in another part of Hampstead.  One thing I noticed about his writing method: he could compose very fast, seemingly without the need for correction.  He rewrote several of his "Doctor Who" scripts for publication.

Liset and I visited John at his wife's home on the Spanish island of Majorca.  We drove to Barcelona to take a ferry to Majorca with another friend of Ray's, Phil Sharp.  Phil, an architect student, was an admirer of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi and took us on a tour of Gaudi buildings in Barcelona including the famous cathedral.

liset and peter

Liset and I saying goodby at gate of Hunt Cottage. I think I am starting another
"Traveller's Check" tour.