I Remember
Travellers Check
(Mid to late 1960s)

"Travellers Check" was the title of a CBC radio series on travel and tourism, produced by me when I was a freelancer living in London and Oudelande, The Netherlands. 

It was a half hour series that profiled each country visited, in the form of interviews. sounds and local music.  It was aired during the mid 1960s.

There were three series, each consisting of 12 or 13 episodes. Countries profiled were in Europe. the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America. 

I went  as far south as Argentina in South America, to the Middle East and to Ceylon (before it became Sir Lanka) India and Pakistan, in Asia. It followed my stints as a staff producer with the BBC and the International Service of Swedish Radio in Stockholm.

The project started in the freelance office of the CBC in London. The CBC was then located in the old Langham Hotel across the road from the BBC Broadcasting House, which owned The Langham Hotel building (since converted back to a vintage, luxury hotel). Val Clery was in charge of freelancers ( a job I was to hold a few years later) and came up with the title for the series.

I hired fellow freelancer Ray DeBoer to help with the first series. With Liset, we drove as far south as Italy (via Rome) and Greece, using Ray's car, a German Opel station wagon, and my grey, truck-like, Austin Minivan, we returned to London via Yugoslavia, camping most of the way in my blow-up mountain tent. (The support pillars of this "mountain" tent blew up).

In Athens, we camped on the beach. At one point, Liset was trapped in a latrine set up on the beach by a local family. Ray and I didn't know she was missing until she escaped an hour later.

At a campsite north of Athens,
on the way to Yugoslavia, I photographed Liset with the group of Greek Army soldiers. Greece was ruled by a military dictatorship at the time.

Just across the border in what is now The Republic of Macedonia we camped at the site of the 1963 earthquake that destroyed much of Skopje not long before.

Camping in Yugoslvia

One thing I do remember is that a few minutes after crossing the border we were hit by hail of stones from unknown attackers. The same thing happened a couple of years later when Liset and I were walking in the old part of Fez in Morroco (I now think it was because she was a bare-headed woman).